TOOLKIT - Doula-Tog Bundle

TOOLKIT - Doula-Tog Bundle


Interested in being a Doula-Tog? Receive the Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit Plus Handouts and the Birth Photography Toolkit. Jumpstart your business and find the flow that works best for you. ($246 value)

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The Birth Becomes Her Toolkit provides new and experienced photographers with everything they need to feel confident and creative as a new birth photographer.

Created by Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories and Jennifer Mason Photography, the Birth Becomes Her Toolkit draws on their experience at over one hundred hospital births, birth center births, and home births. Birth Photography is a rapidly growing field as more and more families choose to invite a professional photographer to capture their birth stories. 

You can learn as you go by trial and error over many months and years, or you can take the shortcut of the comprehensive Birth Becomes Her Photography Toolkit. Monet and Jenn sat down and compiled this guide based on their experiences at over 150 births in all types of settings. Topics covered include Birth 101, Birth Etiquette, On Call Life, Camera Settings, Social Media and What to Pack in your Birth Bag. This resource is the only one of its kind in Birth Photography education.

  • You can read through and study over 50 detailed pages of information specifically about the fast-growing field of birth photography.

  • You can download 4 templates specifically created for photographers who own a birth photography business or hope to add birth photography to their current offerings. 

  • You will be invited to a private facebook group where you can ask Jenn and Monet questions about shooting births as well as share images for feedback!



The Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit –
A comprehensive guide to empowering new families
and starting your doula business

Do you want to become a labor doula / birth doula but don’t know where to get started?  Are you already a doula but want to make some changes to improve your business?  Do you want to spend less time working on the logistics of your doula business and more time supporting clients?  The Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit has you covered!

When you purchase The Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit, you will receive a 100-page Birth Doula Guidebook, Discover Your Philosophy questionnaire, and 8 templates that you can start using immediately in your doula business.  This Toolkit is a comprehensive framework for structuring your thriving doula business and becoming the best version of your doula self.  The Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit is informative, practical, and mindful and is designed for anyone looking to create or grow their doula business.

What is included in the Toolkit?

  • Birth Doula Guidebook – This extensive guidebook will lead you through the process of establishing yourself as a doula. It will take you step-by-step and in great detail through the process of preparing for your first clients, and then through the entire client process from initial client inquiries to postpartum follow-ups.   Here’s a sample of what you will find in the guidebook:
    • Checklists – what information to include on your website and in your contract, what to pack in your birth bag, ways to support mom and partner at a birth, and more.
    • Sample Outlines – what to cover in your consultations, prenatal visits, and postpartum visits.
    • Philosophy Questionnaire – Discover your doula style and core beliefs, which will enable you to create a doula practice that is representative of you.
    • Copy and Paste Templates – Save yourself time. These 8 templates will be sent to you as Microsoft Word documents and can be easily customized and made your own.  Included are all the essential documents you will need to start working with clients:
      • Client Notes Template
      • Contact Information Template
      • Feedback Form Template
      • Inquiry Email Response Template
      • Intake Form Template
      • New Client Checklist Template
      • Website Page Template
      • And a Partner Letter Activity that is ready for you to use with clients

Common Questions about the Doula Toolkit

  • Is this toolkit just for new doulas? – No! While this toolkit was created with the new doula in mind, which is evident in the thoroughness of the materials, even the experienced doula will find ideas and tips that will make their practice more successful.
  • Is doula training needed in addition to this toolkit? – Yes! This toolkit is not designed to teach you support techniques or about the stages of labor, which are usually the main topics covered at doula trainings.
  • Is this toolkit needed in addition to doula training? – Yes! The Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit is designed to walk you step-by-step through the process you will go through as a doula; giving you concrete, practical suggestions you can use in your interactions with clients and in the structuring of your business.  These topics are generally not covered in depth at doula trainings.  Additionally, you may receive hard copies of some forms you can use in your business at your doula training, but with this toolkit you’ll receive electronic copies of documents you can easily customize to suit your individual needs.
  • Does this toolkit promote a one-size-fits-all doula practice? – No! The Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit provides the backbone and organization of your business, but not the philosophy or training.  You will be able to personalize all the materials and ideas you find in this toolkit in a way that fits you and your business.  You will also be given plenty of prompts to help you discover your beliefs and style so you can build a doula practice that represents you.
  • How will I receive the Toolkit? – After completing your purchase, you will be sent an email with all toolkit files attached. You will be able to download the materials as many times as you wish and on any device.

 When you use The Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit, you won’t have to start your doula business from scratch.  You will be given easy to follow steps to make your doula services more inspired, effective, and professional.  This toolkit takes the guesswork out of developing your doula business and client process.  You’ll save precious time so you can focus on why you became a doula in the first place – to spend your time supporting expecting and new families.

What people are saying about The Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit:

One major benefit of this toolkit is that it helps a doula find out where they stand, which allows them to figure out their target market.  Marketing to the right people is huge, so this toolkit is very helpful!  It is organized and pulls everything together for doulas. –Jen

The Ultimate Birth Doula Toolkit is a great resource!  It takes away the feeling of being overwhelmed entering into the world of birth work and would really benefit someone like me who is just starting out.  The toolkit is helpful in addressing things I wouldn’t even think about, is comprehensive without being overwhelming, is clearly laid out and extremely helpful, and is varied to conform to different business styles.  I think it is a super valuable resource!  Excellent work on this toolkit! – Anna

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