About Birth Becomes Her

Founded by Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason in 2013, Birth Becomes Her offers tangible resources for birth photographers from around the world. We aim to make the growing industry of birth photography more accessible to both aspiring photographers and expecting parents. Through online courses, community forums, toolkits, and editing tools, Birth Becomes Her has helped equip hundreds of photographers. 
Monet and Jenn are leaders in the industry having photographed nearly 400 births between the two of them.  

Co-founders of Birth Becomes Her


Jennifer Rainey Mason

Jenn is a native of the Midwest and has recently moved back to Michigan after living in Colorado for over a decade. She is the mother of two free spirited girls, Magnolia and Clementine, and wife to Josh.   Jenn dove into birth photography after the birth of her daughter in 2011 and has photographed 100 births since then.  She's passionate about helping new photographers learn how to safely and comfortably navigate the birth space.  

You can find her here: Jennifer Mason Photography.


Monet Nicole Moutrie

Monet began her journey into the birth world over five years ago. She's photographed and filmed over 300 birth stories. She is wife to Ryan and mother to two vivacious girls, Lucy and Eliza. She's expecting her third baby this December! She believes that birth is one of the most transformative and transcendent experiences in our world. She's honored to capture these stories and is passionate about equipping other birth photographers to do the same. 

See her work at Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories.

Q and A for Jenn and Monet

How did you meet? 

We met online in 2013.  Monet lived in Colorado Springs and I lived in Denver at the time. Monet recently had her daughter Lucy and started a birth information blog with her friend called Cord.  Monet wanted to interview a birth photographer and feature some of their work on Cord; she found and interviewed me.  We quickly became friends.  We chatted online nearly everyday until we finally met in person, about a year later.  When Monet moved to Denver, our families met, our girls attended the same school, and our husbands got along wonderfully.  We've been the best of friends ever since.   

How did BBH start?

Jenn: Shortly after I began birth photography, I was looking for a place to publish my birth work, but didn't find anywhere that wanted to share birth galleries.  One of my friends suggested that I start my own blog for birth photographers, so I decided to do just that!   During that time, Monet and I were becoming good friends and it felt fitting that we dive into this together.  After an agonizing time picking out a name, Birth Becomes Her was born.

Monet: We wanted to create a space for new and established photographers to share their work and to learn together. We felt like the industry lacked resources and education - so many of us had learned by trial and error - and we loved seeing Birth Becomes Her evolve from a place to share images...to a place where we could help new birth photographers grow. 

Were you friends before you became business partners?  

Jenn: Yes.  It's made our friendship really strong over the years, we aren't afraid to have tough conversations with each other and we always know that the other has our best interests at heart.  

Monet: Absolutely! And we still call/text each other every single day. 

What drives you to do birth photography?  

Jenn: It's that thing that I always was meant to do, but never found.  Birth work is hard and demanding, but also amazing and transformative.  It truly feels like my life's calling and I'm grateful for every birth space that I enter.  

Monet: I fell in love with this work after the death of my oldest sister. I desperately needed something to help me process the pain and grief of tragedy, and I found that birth healed me (and still heals me) in such profound ways. I am passionate about witnessing and documenting the incredible transformation birthing families undergo...it still takes my breath away and reminds me of how beautiful it is to be human. 

Why did you choose to elevate the birth community instead of working on your own businesses?  

Monet: We believe that the two are interconnected. By helping grow the industry, we increase demand for birth photography everywhere (including in our home cities!) 

What drives you to teach?

Jenn:  When I first started birth photography, I searched for a class and a way to learn properly - but never really found it.  I wanted to provide a space for new birth photographers to ask questions, to learn from each other and to join the industry in a positive and safe way.   After creating Birth Becomes Her, the natural direction for us was toward teaching and I've loved every minute of it.  Monet and I can talk about birth all.day.long.   

Monet: I received my MFA is 2013, and I taught collegiately during graduate school. I loved interacting with students...and helping them find their own passion and vision for their work. When I started doing birth photography, I found myself missing that opportunity to connect with new birth photographers so I was SO happy when we began offering our Online Course. I love teaching the men and women who take the Essence of Birth! 

How do you keep in touch now that Jenn moved across the country?  

It certainly took some getting used to, and quite honestly, it's a lot harder and not nearly as fun - but we talk on the phone eeeeverday.  Multiple times per day.  We also facetime, video chat and screen share as we work on Birth Becomes Her.  We have a few annual trips planned too, because we love sitting down and working together.  

What do you love to do when not photographing births?

Jenn: I love to travel, hike, spend time outdoors, eat good food, visit all the breweries, and talk all things birth.  

Monet: I'm always photographing births. Just kidding. Kind of :) I love to travel (we're planning another trip to Europe in May 2019). I'm also a huge foodie. My husband and I have scheduled date nights each week where we go out and eat at all the new restaurants popping up in Denver. We live in a super walkable neighborhood, so I'm usually out walking everyday with the girls...visiting our local coffee shop, going to the park, visiting friends! 

What do you have in common?

This photo (below) pretty much sums it up.  Our love for liberal politics, our two fierce and feisty girls, and our love for standing up for something we believe in.  We also both have amazingly supportive husbands who stand beside us every step of the way in this journey.  We also commonly dislike everyone telling us we are 'lucky' to have said husbands; we aren't lucky, we just chose well.  ;)
We also love good coffee, travel and the Colorado mountains.  We can talk about birth all day long, and we love to work toward bettering our local birth communities.  


How are you different?

As similar as we are, we have so many differences.  Monet loves city life, walking to her favorite coffee shop, exploring downtown with her family, and organic healthy food.  Jenn loves being in the country so that her girls can barefoot and wild, local breweries and fries dipped in ranch dressing.   Monet is an introvert and Jenn is an extroverted introvert.  Jenn can chat your ear off in person, but gets anxiety coming up with a facebook post.  Monet is a great listener and facebook posts are no problem for her :) 

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us.  We'd love to hear from you, if you have any questions - feel free to email us at anytime!